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Privacy Policy

Thank you for using our application. To safeguard your interests and ensure your trust in our app, we have established the following privacy policy to explain how we collect, use, and protect your personal information.

1. Information Collection

Our application focuses on connecting the camera for alarm range calibration, and as such, we do not collect, store, or use any personally identifiable information. The app is solely designed for real-time image processing and does not record any images or video streams.

2. Data Usage and Storage

Our application does not store any user-generated data locally or in the cloud. All processed images and related information are used solely for in-app real-time functionality and are cleared immediately upon exiting the application.

3. Third-Party Access

Our application does not share user information with any third-party services. We do not use any analytics tools, ad tracking, or other tracking technologies to ensure maximum privacy protection for users.

4. Security

We have implemented strict security measures to ensure the data's protection against unauthorized access, use, or disclosure during transmission. Advanced encryption technologies are used to secure data in transit.

5. Legal Requirements

While we do not collect user personal information, we will comply with all applicable laws and regulations to meet legal requirements, including cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

6. Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update this privacy policy at any time and will notify users through the application. Please check our privacy policy regularly to ensure you have the latest information on information processing.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us at

Last Updated: 2024/02/05

Thank you for trusting our application; we are committed to protecting your privacy.