BSM-02M OE Microwave Blind Spot Information System

Model: BSM-02M

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    Product Description

    Operating frequency 24.0 -24.25GHZ

    Transmit power 15dbm

    Detection range 40 degree (Horizontal )

    Detection ability 8 objects can be detected at the same time

    Speed range 0.35mph---137mph

    Speed accuracy < 0.35mph

    Speed Restriction

    1. The GPS Antenna when connected activates notifications over 20mph (Example LED + Speaker)

    2. If No GPS signal is detected or satellites not found, the system will give notifications at any speed.

    Direction of movement approached or overtaken by vehicles

    Detection range  40m

    Operating voltage 9-35V

    Waterproof Radars: IP67

    Working current < 200mA

    Working temperature -40ºC ~ + 85ºC